Caesars union Wiki
Tribunal of Corporations
True to Caesar
Type Representative Economic Council
Voting System Appointed
Seats 20
Political Groups Unions
  •      National Corporatist Union (10)
  • Vacant (10)
  • Leadership Caesar


    The Tribunal of Corporations is a government entity which governs the National Corporatist Union, all of the members of the Tribunal of Corporations must be a corporate entity that is registered and approved by Caesar, and govern within the Tribunal by the will of Caesar. However, ten seats are reserved for workers representation from each major industry.

    The Tribunal has the power to legislate policies regarding the National Corporatist Union, however all legislation regarding the National Corporatist Union must be approved by Caesar, and receive a majority of the tribunal before it takes affect.

    There are a total of 20 seats within the Tribunal of Corporations. 10 for corporations, and 10 for workers.

    Each corporation within the Tribunal may be represented by the CEO or a representative, all members of the tribunal must belong to a political party as well, though they are not elected to the tribunal as all of its representatives are chosen by Caesar.

    Workers must be elected by the other workers within their industry, this must be decided by a majority. The workers will choose which worker is best to represent the interests of the workers within their industry, and this will happen for each industry within Caesars Union. If all 10 are filled, the criteria will change to a syndication of industries, this will apply for corporations too, which then must elect a represent corporation to represent their syndication.