The Micronational Cyber Warfare Treaty, was created by Caesars Union to standardize warfare rules regarding micronational cyber warfare, and establish guidelines for hostile foreign relations in a formal aspect, it was written by Caesar.


The Micronational Cyber Warfare Treaty

Title 1: Rules

1. Micronations who sign this treaty agree to accept, and not press charges (Granting the attacker immunity to the Computer Abuse and Fraud Act within the United States of America) against opposition governments that dismantle, harm, or destroy their cyber infrastructure by use of exploits. Cyber infrastructure includes but is not limited to: Personal computers, websites, emails, social media accounts.

2. Micronations who sign this treaty agree to not attack other micronations without first formally declaring war against the micronation that they seek to attack. The party who declares war must inform the party that they have declared war on, that a war is now active, and that they have a grace period of seven days before fighting starts.

3. A nation can stop war by surrendering at any time, even during the seven-day grace period, this will begin a period of negotiations over a peace treaty.   

Nations who have signed the treaty

-          Caesars Unions

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