Party of Caesar
Symbol party
Leader Caesar
Founded 6/28/2017
Headquarters Caesars Union
Official newspaper Voice of Caesar
Union wing National Corporatist Union
Paramilitary wing Nova Legio XIII Gemina
Religious wing Tribunal of Religious Unity
Membership  1
Official ideology Corporatist National Conservatism
Political Position Syncretic
Slogan Identity Without the State is Treason to the State
Primus Imperium 10 / 10
10 / 10
Official colour(s)          
Economic ID caesar
Party Donors Caesar
Party Flag


This party is integrated fully, into the government from multiple, non political standpoints.


The Party of Caesar was the first party founded in Caesars Union. The party was founded by Taurus Maximus. It's goals are to promote social cohesion, and social identity through Caesarism.

Party Ideology

Socially, the party seeks to create an educated, well cultured society, that values hard work, and serving the community.

Economically the party employs an ideology in which corporations serve the state, thus to prevent the greed of capitalism, but ensure a high GDP output, and thus avoiding the pitfalls of other economic systems.

The party supports mass amounts of immigration, however the party also supports immediate, and complete assimilation, in which the identity of the individual, and thus the loyalty of the individual revolves completely around national identity, from all aspects of life.

As of 7/17/2017, the party put an immigration ban on all African and Muslim majority countries. It also institutes increase social policy measures to protect the social fabric for when land is found for the state.

The party is also supportive of maintaining high culture, through unity, and classical, nationalistic art and music, as a way to preserve national identity.

As of 7/22/2017, the party had adopted anti-IDA policy, due to experiences with the organization.

On Oct 27 2017, Caesar adopted imperialistic policies, and established the Nova Auctoritatis.


The parties newspaper is the Voice of Caesar, which deals with micro-national news, from a nationalistic, pro-Caesars Union perspective. It also covers events within the nation, from a pro-Party of Caesar perspective.


The party provides the only religious ceremonies within Caesars Union through its religious wing Loyal Caesarians.


The parties uniform for men consists of Julius Caesars haircut, and Fred Perry M3600506. as well as black Jeans and black Doc Martens.

Immigration Campaign

In order to increase immigration, the party launched a campaign consisting of posters, videos and flags.

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