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  • The basic unit of society and the primary concern of the state is the corporate group rather than the individual, and the interests of the corporate group are prioritized in the interests of the nation.
  • Corporations must work for the national interest, to further the state rather than the good of their leaders.
  • Corporations must be protected from foreign ownership, and foreign influence, maintaining complete loyalty to the state, however, the corporation may be allowed to work outside of the state, if it benefits the state.
  • Corporations may be nationalized by the government, if it is in the interest of the state.
  • The state must be biased towards corporate interests, if the corporation serves the interests of the state.
  • Private ownership of the means of production.
  • Mandatory government unions.


Corporate nationalism is an economic system in which the state favors corporate interests above individual interests, to further both the corporation and the state. The corporation must be absolute in its loyalty to the state, however the state must be biased towards the corporation in regards to policy.

Thus fixing the problem of capitalism generating greed, but all addressing the issue of alternative economic systems yielding less GDP.

Though not dictated by the ideology, the Party of Caesar, passed a bill which established the tax rate as 0%, this was largely due to the Denarii being free to mint.


On 7/9/2017, Caesar published in the Voice of Caesar, a paper titled On Corporatism in which he describes the role of the corporation, as well as the role of the government in the relationship.

Caesars Union

Party of Caesar includes Corporate nationalism in its party platform.