Caesars union Wiki
Atrium Supremus
Supreme Court
State emblem
Court Overview
Formed 7/15/2017
Service Law and Order
motto Civility is the Core of Civilization
Jurisdiction Caesars Union
Headquarters Fortis Taurus
Employees 10 (9 Advisors 1 Judge)


Atrium Supremus (Supreme Court) is the court of Caesars Union. Caesar is the judge, and there is no jury, however members of the Primus Imperium may advice Caesar during the process.


Laws are subject to the punishment of Atrium Supremus, and are not limited in their punishment, there are no mandatory minimums, and there are no maximum sentences.

It is notable that laws relating to personal autonomy will not take complete effect until Caesars Union claims land, this just means that it isn't something that the Atrium Supremus can prosecute, however, if you admit to violating any law, even before land is claimed, you will be punished by the Atrium Supremus.

Any other law will always be in effect. Including citizenship laws, economic laws, and institutional laws.

  1. Crimes Against Caesars Union. Crimes against general society.
    1. a. Fraudulent activity involving the Denarii.
    2. b. Conning Caesars Favor.
    3. c. Lying to Caesar.
    4. d. Duel loyalty.
    5. e. Spying.
    6. f. Theft.
    7. g. Disturbing the peace.
    8. h. Lying on citizenship form.
    9. i. Applying for citizenship, and having been born in, or have lived in any Muslim majority country, or any African country.
    10. j. Applying for citizenship with any mental, or physical disorder. (Physical disorder exceptions can be made.)
  2. Crimes Against Institutions. Crimes that are against government institutions.
    1. a. Joining the government of Caesars Union without disclosing previous crimes, within, Caesars Union, or another nation.
    2. b. Joining Maximo Exercitu with a diagnoses of any mental disorder. Or in the case of Caesars Union encompassing land, any disability whatsoever.
    3. c. Joining the government of Caesars Union with any mental disorder.
  3. Crimes Against the Social Fabric. Crimes that are seen as disturbing the quality of the society.
    1. Marrying someone who lives outside of Caesars Union, or any non citizen without permission from Caesar.
    2. Attempting to ever get an abortion, with the exception of the mothers life being in danger or in the case of rape.
    3. Public indecency.
    4. Premarital sex.
    5. Public drinking.
    6. Prostitution.
    7. Spreading STDs.
    8. Smoking. (Universal ban)
    9. Doing any drugs, not relating to medical issues.
    10. Abuse of women, emotional or physical.
  4. Limitations
    1. Age of consent: 21.
    2. Drinking age: 21.
    3. Voting age: 21.
    4. Electoral age: 20 + Maximo Exercitu service / no previous crimes.
  5. Gender laws
    1. Women will not be able to serve in Maximo Exercitu.
    2. Women will not be able to serve in any political governing body.